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Firestarters Productions Inc. | 3 reasons investing in a property is the best Valentine’s gift.

3 reasons investing in a property is the best Valentine’s gift.

3 reasons investing in a property is the best Valentine’s gift.

Commitment is a frightening word for many, be it committing to a Telco company or that monthly Netflix subscription. However, while it may be difficult to take that first step to commit to something or someone, most find that the rewards they reap by doing so are worth their efforts in the long run. Investing in property is no different.

This Valentine’s Day, make that leap from gifting a safe bouquet of flowers or a fancy dinner to the gift that keeps on giving, and one that proclaims your love and commitment to your special one without you even having to say anything. Tell your loved one that you would like to invest in a bright future with him/her and take the step into property investment with them. The benefits of doing so outweigh the disadvantages by leaps and bounds, and here are some reasons it may just be the best gift you can give your loved one yet.

1. Strengthen your relationship

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There is no better way to let your special one know how much they mean to you than by making the decision to invest together. Investing in property leads to a secure future as the returns are high and it generates income in the long run. What are your targets as a couple and property owner? How much money do you plan to set aside collectively to invest and how do you attain your goal together? By sharing a common goal, you will have to work as one and share aspirations, both long-term and short-term. This will strengthen your relationship and you will grow together as you work towards your shared goal.

2. Prepare for the future together

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Whether you and your loved one are planning to start a family or simply looking to build a love nest together, it is essential to first have a roof over your heads. Owning your own property boosts a host of benefits as there is a guarantee that the land price will appreciate over time and if you don’t live on it yourselves, you can rent it out and collect passive income for years to come.

Imagine being able to pass down your family property for future generations, and the many precious memories that you will create and share with your loved ones on property that you own.

3. Share the responsibility

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Commit to your relationship by making the commitment to sharing the responsibility of investing in property together. Once you have taken the step to doing so with your loved one, you will need to offer full disclosure regarding your finances and plan your budget. By knowing everything about each other’s assets and liabilities, the trust level in the relationship is strengthened and you learn more about your other half as well. Sharing the responsibilities involved in owning a property can also improve your joint decision-making skills and overall confidence as a couple.

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Taking that foray into property investment may be difficult at first, but it is truly a gift that keeps on giving. There is nothing more satisfying that watching something that you and your special other half have invested in grow and improve over the years, and the fact that it also offers financial benefit and security is definitely icing on the cake. Make Valentine’s Day 2019 a great one for your loved one by making a sound investment in property and start on building a secure and financially advantageous future for your family.

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