About Us

Everything changed when men learned how to start fire. For thousands of years it is the same fire that keeps us moving. It is the fire to innovate beyond boundaries. Let us start that fire for you.

Firestarters Productions Inc. was established in 2014 with the vision to produce quality content and services from concept to execution through film, video production, new media and live shows.


We are an award-winning multi-media productions and marketing solutions company. Our services include branded short films production and influencer marketing, corporate events and activations, design and fabrication and artist management and booking for local and international events.


In just 4 years, our campaigns and projects have already received awards from Europe, America and Asia. We are trusted by multi-national companies because of our passion and desire to be in line with their core values.


We as a company believe in talent. We also believe that it is our responsibility to help find the purpose in the talent, which could spark a change in our society and the world over.


Provide world-class talents with passion to tell stories and create quality contents for broadcast media, new technologies, entertainment and films.


Tell stories.

Inspire people.

Change lives.


We believe that God has given us purpose.

We believe in our people.

We put premium to our work. We seek quality and uphold integrity.

Malasakit is in our work culture.