SINGAPORE Oct 27 — The Philippines received its very first Nicholas Hall Awards for Marketing, a sought-after accolade for marketing over-the-counter medicines that started in Europe in 1978.  Nicholas Hall Awards gave the Philippines the much-coveted Achievement in 360 Brand Marketing for Eye Mo, a known eye care solution in the country for its integrated campaign anchored on eye care awareness.

NicholasEye Mo partnered with its lead agency for brand marketing, Firestarters Productions Inc. to relaunch Eye Mo in the country through a campaign dubbed as “Eyes Mo Care Mo”, the 1st National Eye Care Awareness Month in the Philippines. “Eyes Mo Care Mo” reached out to millions of Filipinos last May 2017 through a 5-point event that happened in major cities such as Manila, Angeles, Bacoor, Quezon City and Marikina. The campaign centered on spreading valuable knowledge and information on how to take care and protect our eyes by engaging different communities and organizations with fun activities, games and free eye check-up.  Eye Mo together with Combiphar and LFAsia join in one vision of bringing eye care awareness to the Filipino people, a move towards healthier eyes and better eye sight.


Earl Jayona Sales & Marketing Manager LF Asia

Earl Jayona
Sales & Marketing Manager
LF Asia

This milestone campaign caught the eye of Indonesian giant pharmaceutical company, Combiphar. It was the company’s CEO Michael Wanandi who recommended Eye Mo’s campaign to vie for the Nicholas Hall Awards. “It is a campaign that has heart in its core. Filipinos work day-in day-out for their loved ones. And everyday on our commute and even  in the work place, we are expose to eye-damaging elements such as dust and pollution. And that could be detrimental to our eye sight. How can we fulfill our dreams if we don’t have a clear vision? We saw the need to help spread awareness on how to protect and take care of our eyes,” said Earl Jayona, Eye Mo Philippines Marketing and Sales Manager about his brainchild project. “This is truly a proud moment for the Philippines to win the Nicholas Hall Awards, the first for our country and the APAC region.”

Eyes Mo Care Mo Official Poster

“What guided us in crafting the campaign is the bigger purpose of the brand. Upon receiving the client brief we asked ourselves, how can the brand better serve the country?” Firestarters COO and the campaign’s Creative Director Real Florido said in a statement. “It is our dream to work with brands that help build a better world. This inspires us to churn out more creative and innovative ideas.”




fsmnl_logo_big“It is of paramount importance to always work with like-minded people who push boundaries. This has become our compass in every project that we do, whether film or TV production, TVC or branded video, design or marketing campaign. As a multi-media company, we are always on the lookout for innovation.” said Anter San Agustin, CEO of Firestarters Productions Inc.

This 360 campaign anchored on Eyes Mo Care Mo has made Eye Mo regain its market leadership as the number 1 brand in ocular allergy and decongestant market and maintained its position as the most trusted eye care brand in the Philippines.