Ampalaya Plus: Amp Up Dance Challenge

About This Project

During the Pandemic, Nattural Quality Corporation (NQC) partnered with Firestarters for its campaign anchored on spreading awareness about diabetes among the youth and at the same time be able to help underprivileged students to have their own digital notepad for their online studies.



Influencers joined the cause and joined forces to invite everyone to become part of the awareness campaign.


The aim is to invite everyone to dance to the groove and build a dream as Nattural Quality Corporation (NQC), the Filipino herbal supplement company behind Ampalaya Plus, invites everyone to bust a move for a cause on TikTok through the “AMP UP Dance Challenge” (

Amp Up Dance Challenge: Bust a move, win school tablets
RJ Agustin

In partnership with Christian radio station Radio Veritas, the latest online craze promotes holistic well-being while providing students with educational tools during this challenging period of online learning.

The project features a special jingle that carries the message that health is wealth, aiming to inspire the whole family to take control of their health and wellness, beginning with proper diet and regular exercise.

“The AMP UP Dance Challenge hopes to raise awareness among the youth about their vulnerability to diseases, particularly diabetes, through an engaging and collaborative activity for them and the older members of the household,” said Benson Sian, founder and CEO of Nattural Quality Corporation.

“Their video entries to this online challenge will also serve as a lasting record of their bonding moments during this time of the pandemic,” he added.


Amp Up Dance Challenge: Bust a move, win school tablets

Aside from keeping people grooving and moving, the AMP Up Dance Challenge doubles as a social advocacy to help students receive educational tools for their blended education needs.

Championed by celebrity ambassadors RJ Agustin, Kristof Garcia, and Sisi Rondina, the challenge welcomes all students and family members for a chance to win an educational tablet for their own use or for donation to a beneficiary of their choice.

To qualify, a member of a group must upload the video on their Tiktok public account performing the official AMP UP dance steps. Along with the caption and hashtag #AmpalayaPlusDanceUp, mention the name of the school to complete the entry. Once uploaded, the group representative must also send a copy of the video via direct message to the Ampalaya Plus FB page.

Winners will be officially announced on the 3rd week of December.

The AMP UP Dance Challenge underscores the value of proper diet and exercise, especially against diabetes which accounted for 4.2 million deaths worldwide last year and was responsible for 10 percent of the global total health expenditure at $760 billion.

Tagged as “Nature’s Wonder Superfood for Diabetes,” Ampalaya Plus can help manage high blood sugar levels naturally. The natural dietary food supplement contains three of nature’s most potent wonder herbs, namely, bitter gourd (ampalaya), Lagerstroemia speciosa (banaba), and turmeric (luyang dilaw).

Ampalaya is among the 10 medicinal plants promoted by the Department of Health to help maintain blood sugar levels. Meanwhile, studies have shown that banaba contains corosolic acid, which has numerous anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory properties. Lastly, turmeric has been traditionally used in ancient medicine for its numerous health benefits.

Amp Up Dance Challenge: Bust a move, win school tablets
Kristof Garcia