Kumu Interactive Digital Series

About This Project

Firestarters Productions and Kumu join forces to release the first ever interactive digital series this July. Starring PBB Otso alumni, Sky Quizon, Bidaman Kristoff Garcia, Star Music artist RJ Agustin and commercial model Allen Cecilio, “Kumusta Bro?” is a weekly digital series that can be viewed live via the Kumu app through mobile devices. Streamed live straight from the houses of the actors, “Kumusta Bro?” is about old friends who get reunited through the live stream app, together with the audience, the boys rediscover how it is to fall in love online.

“Kumusta Bro?” is a unique digital content for many reasons—one, it is the first live series where the audience can interact with the characters of the story; two, the audience has the power to help shape the story, and; three, it is the first ever series to use a live stream app as the main platform. This will definitely give an out-of-the-ordinary experience to audiences, specially BL fans. BL or Boys Love is an emerging fiction genre in Asia where the lead characters are boys or men who are entangled in romance.


Episode 1: Tropa Meet Cute

Thirdy goes on his live stream account after 3 months hiatus. There he bumps into an old college friend, the hunky basketball varsity player, Bench. The two got into a dare that they both agreed to do.


Episode 2: Virtual Jowa (Virtual Boyfriend)

Thirdy and Bench accepted the VJ (Virtual Jowa) Challenge by the mysterious Livestream audience “SuperFanGirly”. The series of dares put the two in a rather awkward situation.


Episode 3: SAMbody 2 Luv

Thirdy gives up on the VJ (virtual jowa) Challenge (*jowa is a Filipino slang that means boyfriend or girlfriend). Someone from Thirdy’s past comes back.



Episode 4: THREE, ANG GULO

Thirdy and Dean get to catch up with some of their high school memories. Bench re-appears and gets his “1 minute in heaven” with Thirdy.


After winning the 1-minute in Heaven polls, Bench confessed what he really feels about Thirdy. But Thirdy is not buying this, he doesn’t believe that Bench is taking this seriously. Dean asks the help of the audience to decide whether he should take advantage of the moment or not.

BL Series, Boys Love, interactive, Kumusta Bro