PILGRIM An Original Documentary Drama

About This Project

Witness the birth of Christianity in the world’s third-largest Catholic nation in this original documentary presented by Radyo Veritas 846, Radio Veritas Asia, and Firestarters Productions, PILGRIM: 500 Years of Catholic Faith in the Philippines. This docudrama will become part of the closing ceremonies of the quincentenary celebration of Christianity in the Philippines and its significance in shaping the nation that we are today.


Written and Directed by Real S. Florido Co-written by Florence Rosini, Jon Verzosa, and Lowell Gene Alojado. #500YearsOfChristianity #PhilippineHistory



PILGRIM: 500 Years of Catholic Faith in the Philippines, an original documentary drama is proudly presented by Radio Veritas Asia, Radyo Veritas 846 and Firestarters Productions Inc.