Three Stories That Will Make You Spread Hugs

Three Stories That Will Make You Spread Hugs

Three stories that will make you want to spread hugs this Christmas

Take some time to hug a loved one today!

MANILA, Philippines — We live in modern times. We’re always busy, always in a hurry. Our lives are filled with fleeting connections.

But sometimes, we need to slow down and convey our true feelings to those important to us — with a good hug.

Don’t underestimate the power of a hug! This simple act of affection shows support and provides warmth.

Hugs are also good for your health. According to a study, hugs serve as strong buffers against stress, even infections.

Triggering senses other than touch, such as smell, can enhance the experience and make it more special. A nice scent makes each hug more memorable and leaves a good, lasting impression. When smelled, it can even bring back strong memories of that particular moment or person.

For instance, don’t you associate mom’s signature scent with the comfort and security her hugs bring? Or remember your best friend’s tight hugs whenever you catch a whiff of her perfume?

A good scent also makes you more confident to give meaningful hugs to the people that matter.

Check out stories of meaningful hugs below!

Showing bravery with a hug

Like a lot of modern relationships, soon-to-be-married couple Kenjie and JJ’s love story all began on Facebook.

The Philippines doesn’t fully accept same-sex relationships yet. Still, they call themselves lucky. “Our families knew everything and accepted us fully. They were happy when they first knew about me and my partner,” shares Kenjie.

As children, men are made to believe it’s not manly to show emotions. But for Kenjie and JJ, expressing love is nothing to be ashamed about.

Ang isang yakap ay paraan upang mapawi ang lungkot, takot, at pangangamba [A hug can take your sadness, fears, and doubts away],” adds Kenjie.

Saying goodbye with a hug

It’s a tough decision, one that thousands of OFWs have to make — choosing between staying with loved ones or creating a better life for them by working abroad.

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Dhorie is a mother of 4 kids, the youngest of whom is 2 years old. She’s leaving for Dubai soon to help her husband deal with the family’s financial crisis. It’s been difficult, but Dhorie says this is also for her children’s future.

“They feel sad, but they understand. I may not be around, but my husband and I will always be there for them.”

For now, Dhorie plans to call her kids through Skype whenever she can. But someday, she hopes she can hug them any time.

Building trust with a hug

Catherine and Robi were high school batchmates in 1997. Who would’ve thought that 16 years later, they would reconnect and end up together?

One year later, they’ve also decided to become business partners. They opened a food stall, Wagger Wagyu Burgers, in 2014. Being copreneurs made perfect sense — they shared complementary skills, a similar work ethic, and passion.

They find balance between being lovers and business partners by finding time for each other outside of work with random lunch dates and travel dates.

It’s not always smooth sailing, but they get by with constant communication. When bickering, they give each other time to calm down, then talk things out.

“Hugging is also a powerful way of healing. It builds trust and a sense of safety,” they add.

Reconnecting with a hug

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach leads a busy, work-driven life. But this Christmas, she’s reconnecting with people she holds dear.

“Nothing says ‘I’ve missed you’ more than a meaningful hug. That’s why, for the first time ever, I, together with Downy, went on a hugging tour around Metro Manila with the mission to #Spread100Hugs to remind us how a hug can make every day more meaningful,” she said.

The #Spread100Hugs Tour culminated last November 20 with the lighting of the 50 feet hug-activated Downy Scented Christmas Tree at Eastwood City Mall.

Hug someone today

Hugs can be used during different occasions for different purposes. It can be shared during both good times and bad.

But they convey just one message — support and affection. This Christmas, spread the love by taking the time to hug your friends and family. Don’t forget to wear a nice scent to make each hug more special!

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